For $11 Million and One Soul, You Can Have a Pool In Your Apartment


It’s everyone’s fantasy: Having an indoor swimming pool with a hot pink float inside a Chelsea townhouse. But for Evelyn McMurray Van-Zeller, this is a reality. “This is definitely a trophy, bragging-rights property,” she tells the Wall Street Journal, of the West 15th Street digs, equipped with a 15x30 foot swimming pool built in 1975. Van-Zeller inherited the pad from her late brother, who threw “fantastic parties” there in the ‘90s, she says. She now lives there full-time with her family: “We don’t have quite the same parties, but we really enjoy the lifestyle, I must admit.”

The fancy apartment is on the market for $11 million, and it sure is nice. But would it change a person to live in a place like that? Examine 2:18-2:35 in the below video, in which Ms. Van-Zeller chants, “Kill that fishie,” while clapping excitedly, and ask yourself the hard questions.

[via Newser]