Gang Members Allegedly Kidnapped Man for Shaq Sex Tape


Yes, that’s right, seven gang members were arrested for kidnapping and robbing a man who claims the gang was trying to get a hold of a Shaquille O’Neal sex tape in his possession. The men were members of the Main Street Mafia Crips gang in Los Angeles, and in lieu of the tape, allegedly stole Robert Ross’s diamond chain, Rolex watch, diamond earrings, and $15,000 in cash. Ross says he had the tape because he and O’Neal had a mutual acquaintance and became friends. So far, there’s been no confirmation that the tape — which reportedly features O’Neal having sex with several women — actually exists. How has Shaq been affected? According to Shaq’s Twitter feed, which details the new song he made for Mark Cuban, not at all.

Man says he was kidnapped to give up Shaq sex tape [CNN]