Gennette Cordova Lived Up to Her Superlative. Anthony Weiner Will Not


Pictured here is a snapshot of the Shorecrest High School student newspaper, The Piper, from the year 2007. It depicts Gennette Cordova, who has earned the superlative “Most Likely to Be Involved in a Tabloid Scandal” from her classmates. Now, four years later, that prediction has come true — Cordova, 21, was the recipient of the naughty image that sparked Weinergate, and she has indeed appeared in the tabloids. Great call, Piper! You did a much better job of predicting fate than, say, Cosmo, which in 1996 called Anthony Weiner “The Future President.” Sorry, Cosmo. Better luck next time.

Center of Weiner photo scandal: Her classmates saw it coming! [Monson Show via Daily What]