Glenn Beck: David Carr Comments About the Midwest the Type of Thing That ‘Leads to Death Camps’


Last week Times media writer David Carr made some comments he surely now regrets on Real Time with Bill Maher. After Maher joked that Kansas and Alabama were not among “the smart states,” Carr made the following crack: “If it’s Kansas, Missouri, no big deal. You know, that’s the dance of the low-sloping foreheads. The middle places, right?” Then he paused. “Did I just say that aloud?” He has since apologized, but since he’s the self-appointed evangelist-in-chief for the New York Times, he didn’t get off easy. Today Fox News host Glenn Beck said on his radio show that this kind of comment was the type that “leads to death camps.” “These are the kinds of words that … always lead to mass death,” he said. “Why not kill the low-sloping foreheads?” This kind of statement, according to Beck, is an example of the Times “revealing themselves.”

You read it here first, people. The Times wants to commit genocide on everyone from Missouri. Don’t tell A.G. Sulzberger.

Glenn Beck: David Carr Comments ‘Lead To Mass Death’ [HuffPo via Mediaite]