Greenpoint’s Manhattan Avenue Is Beeping


A very upset and very determined resident of Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, has been hearing a steady beeping noise every 30 seconds, for 24 hours, every day for a month straight. He or she has begun to ask the neighbors for help in eliminating the persistent noise. Our first instinct, upon seeing this photo, was that no neighbor was going to be able to help this poor soul, unless said neighbor was a board-certified psychotherapist. But Miss Heather over at Newyorkshitty has a more optimistic theory: It could be malfunctioning pay phones that have been neglected by the telecom companies! There happens to be a set just outside of Ott Restaurant that is making a noise that fits the description.

In the past we’ve asked you readers such high-minded questions as: “Where does New York smell the worst?” But I’d never thought of this one: Where does New York sound the worst?

Spotted On Manhattan Avenue: A Query [Newyorkshitty]