Guy Complaining About Not Getting Hired in Anti-Obama Romney Video Had a Job Already


This is perplexing: As an example of how President Obama has ruined the economy, the Romney campaign picked a dour Michigan resident who complained about how no one is hiring him, and how he has $3 to his name. “Frustration is the big word. Anything that I’m qualified for, you know, that people are looking for, they also want experience,” says Ryan King, of Midland, over ominous music. “And I mean because of the economy and the way it is, there are so many people that are looking for jobs, at the same time my hands are tied, how can I get experience if no one is going to hire me in?” How indeed? Except, maybe, through the job King already has. The Journal notes that the day King taped the video, he posted on his Facebook page that he was off to work the next day. In fact, in the ad he even briefly mentions his next paycheck — from, it turns out, a company that hired him right out of college. Not exactly compelling stuff.

Still, King is the vice-chair of the Midland County Young Republicans. That’s gotta represent at least, what, 40 votes?

A Baloney Sandwich From Romney Campaign? [WSJ via Gawker]