Hailing a Livery Cab About to Be As Legal As You Always Thought It Was


Albany didn’t spend all night just passing historic civil-rights laws. It also got around to legitimizing the livery-cab industry, which until now was technically forbidden from picking up passengers on the corner. (You’re supposed to call in advance.) The new bill would create up to 30,000 new permits for cabs that could be hailed anywhere but the busiest parts of Manhattan. But it’ll only happen if Governor Cumo signs the bill, which he hasn’t yet guaranteed. And if he does, the yellow-taxi lobby is threatening to sue. (It’s unclear on what grounds.) Most important, if the bill becomes law, the new class of livery cabs will be painted one uniform color to make them stand out like traditional cabs and make us all feel better about getting into a stranger’s car. We’re thinking a nice and fitting foie gras brown, but are open to suggestions. [NYT]

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