Have No Experience, But You’re Willing to Earn $30,000? Why Not Edit a Magazine?


Business Insider catches a job posting from the New York Observer, in which the position of “Managing Editor” for the paper’s stable of insert magazines is offered up to anyone with zero years of experience, for a salary of $30,000. Originally, the text read:

The successful candidate will be extremely organized, able to manage a crew of five interns and capable of working in a fast-paced environment. New graduates are encouraged to apply, but applicants should have a strong writing background as the Managing Editor will be expected to produce large amounts of copy in addition to his or her editorial duties.

In the current version of the ad, that second sentence is cut, and the minimum experience level is bumped up to two years. Now, to be fair, most of the “magazines” at the Observer are just glorified ad vehicles. (The recent Collector, for example, is a “special guide to fine watches and jewelry.”) And the title “managing editor” can mean a lot of things. But still, the ad posting is a nice little symbol of a publication expecting more from (and paying more to!) its bloggers than to some of its top print editors.

The New York Observer Wants To Pay Someone With No Experience $30,000 To Run Its New Magazine [BI]