Hotel Maid Is Now an Occupation Requiring a Panic Button


Prior to a couple of weeks ago, if Family Feud host Steve Harvey, for example, asked you to name a job in which a panic button might be used, some good answers would be things like “security guard,” “bank teller,” and “convenience-store clerk,” and then, further down at the bottom, the hard-to-get answers would include things like “chimpanzee babysitter” and “Charlie Sheen’s personal assistant.” If a family member suggested “hotel maid,” you would probably ignore him or her for the rest of the game for guessing something so dumb. But, starting now, “hotel maid” would be a solid answer, because the two New York hotels that recently hosted infamous (alleged!) sex attacks — the Sofitel and the Pierre — have begun equipping their maids with their own personal alarms.

After Hotel Attacks: Panic Buttons [WSJ]