Housekeepers at the Pierre Hotel Given Self-Defense Classes


Because of the high-profile sexual assault case against former IMF boss Dominique Strauss-Kahn, and additional charges against a former Egyptian banker, several city hotels have pledged to train their staff in self-defense to better prepare them against such attacks in the future. The PIerre, where the latter assault allegedly occurred, hosted classes yesterday in a swank ballroom. Housekeepers and other domestic workers gathered in their uniforms to learn some new moves:

"Don't strike with your fist because you could break your knuckles!" said instructor Mary Ann Carron, as she demonstrated proper technique with a pillow to about a dozen workers in the hotel's Wedgwood Room. "Keep your hand flat." Carron also demonstrated how, if someone sneaks up behind them, maids should stomp the perv's foot with their heel.

Note to those staying at the Pierre — from now on be really careful not to leave pocket change lying around on the nightstand accidentally. There's no telling what might happen if someone confuses it for an especially bad tip.

Brawlin' maids are ready for a dust-up [NYP]