To Catch a Predator Host Reportedly Caught Cheating on His Wife With Former Intern


Chris Hansen, the 51-year-old NBC anchor best known as the host of the Dateline series To Catch a Predator, has allegedly been caught in a web of his own uncouth sexual behavior. On Predator, of course, producers posed as underage girls or boys offering sex on the Internet. When sex-seeking men met up with the fake kids, Hansen and his camera crew — plus the police, usually — would confront the unsuspecting men, reading them the sexually explicit text they had typed a few hours ago until the viewer starts thinking, “We don’t really want to hear this, and that guy obviously already knows what he just said.”

Anyhow, the National Enquirer claims to have found Hansen, who’s married with two kids, cheating on his wife with Kristyn Caddell, a Florida journalist and former NBC intern twenty years Hansen’s junior. Cameras reportedly caught Hansen and Caddell sharing a romantic dinner at the Ritz-Carlton in Manalapan, before spending the night at her Palm Beach apartment. Hansen has allegedly been cheating on his age-appropriate wife for the past few months. Herewith, an abridged transcript of Hansen’s supposed meet-cute with Caddell:

Before you slam on your keyboard shouting “hypocrite” while pointing at a man famous for proclaiming his moral superiority over perverts, remember he’s still not, um, statutorily raping anyone.

To Catch a Predator host who traps sex perverts in TV stings ‘caught cheating on his wife’… by hidden cameras [Daily Mail UK]