Investigation Into Obama Quid Pro Quo Gives Fund-raisers Handy Benchmarks


A new report by iWatch News shows that President Obama — like just about every president ever — has rewarded top fund-raisers (“bundlers,” who help bring in large groups of individual donations) with administration jobs, despite campaign promises about not allowing “special interests” to dictate policy. The findings might disappoint the more starry-eyed idealists among his supporters, and it amounts to campaign rhetoric wrapped up in a nice little bow for whoever gets the GOP nomination. But the timing could be worse. Obama has just started to ramp up fund-raising efforts, and the report clearly quantifies how much work it’ll take to get the bureaucratic job of one’s dreams: “Less than one in five at the $50,000 level got an administration position. Half of $200,000 bundlers were picked for some post; 80 percent of the $500,000 bundlers were appointed.” And if you hit the million-dollar mark, you get a White House tote bag and a subscription to Government Executive.

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