Jon Huntsman Is Embracing the Jr. in His Name

SHANGHAI, CHINA - APRIL 06: (CHINA OUT) U.S. Ambassador To China Jon Huntsman Jr. delivers a lecture at the Four Seasons Hotel on April 6, 2011 in Shanghai, China. Huntsman is in Shanghai to give a speech on US-China relations. He will also be stepping down at U.S. Ambassador To China on April 30. (Photo by ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images) Photo: ChinaFotoPress/2011 ChinaFotoPress

Huntsman has a new website, which looks awfully Tumblr-esque. The site includes a cryptic Easy Rider–ish anti-campaign ad of sorts (uploaded to Vimeo, obviously).The video, counting down till the day his campaign drops (six days!), seems as if it might be the first of a series featuring irrelevant facts about the candidate. ("Did not become famous with the band Wizard," which really was his high school band name.) From Huntsman's bio: "Jon enjoys riding his Harley and considers himself a street food connoisseur, frequenting taco stands." He also lives in Bushwick with four roommates.