Jon Huntsman’s Son May Like Mitt Romney, Surfing

JERSEY CITY, NJ - JUNE 21: Republican Jon Huntsman speaks to the media after announcing his bid for the presidency on June 21, 2011 in Jersey City, New Jersey. In a speech with the Statue of Liberty behind him, Huntsman, until recently the U.S. ambassador to China under President Obama, emphasized his record as a two-term governor of Utah. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images) Photo: Spencer Platt/2011 Getty Images

Will Huntsman, after all, did show up to a Romney rally in Salt Lake City last Friday, even posing for a photo in front of Romney while making a shaka sign with his hand. Huntsman's campaign says that Will just "wanted to see another campaign event," because he doesn't have enough access to those as the son of a person running for president. [Salt Lake Tribune]