Kathy Griffin Also Has a Life-Size Cardboard Cutout of Anderson Cooper in Her Home


When we ran into Kathy Griffin at last night’s fancy CFDA Fashion Awards party, she marveled at how glamorous her life has become. “I was at the polo matches on Sunday, then I had lunch with Gloria Vanderbilt today, and now I’m here,” she said. “What’s happened to me? What the hell has happened to me?” We couldn’t answer that, but, Kathy mentioning Gloria Vanderbilt reminded us of something. The author and socialite keeps a life-size cardboard cutout of her son Anderson Cooper in her home. “I have that in my office, too, and I’m not even kidding,” Griffin told us.

Where does one get such a thing, we wondered. “He sends me mine. He will not stop sending life-size stand-ups of himself, and I’m, like, ‘Look, I’ve already humped it three times today. Leave me alone.” (In reality, she says, she stole hers from CNN after taping a New Year’s Eve special with Manderson.) “Are you not supposed to steal stuff from CNN?”

We were interrupted in our conversation by a passing waiter. “Is that fried mac and cheese?” she demanded to know. “Holy shit. Hello, my new best friend.”

Griffin was aware that it’s practically sacrilegious to eat while in the presence of America’s fashion elite, but she went for it anyway. “I’ve seen the entire fashion world literally turn on me because I had a bite of food, and it’s over for me; you’ll never see me at one of these again,” she told Daily Intel. “I’ve been excommunicated from the church of fashion. They saw me eat a carb. Tell my mom I love her.” We’ll send a cardboard cutout.