Lindsay Lohan Wouldn’t Come Out of Her Bedroom for Matt Lauer or $50,000


Now, if many of you had Matt Lauer sitting patiently on your living room couch, waiting to speak to you, you’d emerge from your bedroom pretty quickly. Similarly, if many of you knew that there was $50,000 sitting out there on the couch, you’d probably get there even quicker. But see, that’s the difference between you and Lindsay Lohan (in all other respects, you are exactly the same). The Mean Girls (2004) starlet was set to sit down for an interview with Lauer for the Today show, so the anchor dutifully flew to Los Angeles and got everything set up in her home. According to “Page Six,” Lohan had arranged the interview herself, without the help of her management. Though she and NBC deny it, the gossip column claims that she was to be paid $50,000 for “photos or video” that she could supply to the show, in lieu of getting paid for the actual interview, which NBC doesn’t do. But while Lauer waited, Lindsay had a change of heart. A $50,000 change of heart, reportedly. She demanded twice the agreed-upon fee, according to “Page Six,” and when Today refused to pony it up, the interview was off.

Now, as we have recently learned, hanging out in Lindsay’s living room is almost like hanging out with the actress herself, because the space is filled with giant pictures of her. But nonetheless, the Today show must have been pissed. Falling on her sword Rushing to her defense, Lindsay’s publicist claimed, “I was the one who called it off.” That may sound pretty dicey, but remember when Britney Spears set up her own interview with Matt Lauer? If you were a publicist who found out that kind of crap was about to go down, you’d have pulled the plug lickety-split, $50,000 or no.

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