Mad Dash Expected During GOP Debate Bathroom Break


There are many important things to watch for at tonight’s Republican presidential debate in Manchester, New Hampshire (CNN at 8 p.m.), the second of the campaign season. Will Mitt Romney be attacked for RomneyCare, and can he successfully defend himself? Will Herman Cain continue to win over voters with his clear and concise answers, expose his ignorance on all matters of foreign policy, or both? Will Newt Gingrich say something really wild just so people don’t forget he’s still in the race? These are all interesting questions, but secondary to the main drama of the night. According to Tim Pawlenty, the candidates will be given a bathroom break midway through the debate, but there will be only “like three stalls for six or seven people” in the men’s room. Advantage: Bachmann.

Pawlenty’s Debate Rules [Page/Time]