Everybody, Meet Noreen


Some of you sharp-eyed readers have already noticed there’s a new byline popping up regularly on Intel. It’s true: The lovely and sweet Noreen Malone will be joining Dan, Chris, Mike, and Julie as part of the Daily Intel family. We’re not going to ask you to promise to be nice to her, because that would be ridiculous, but we do politely request that you treat her the same as the rest of us. That is, like you know her intimately enough to lob wildly inventive criticism her way, even though you’ve never actually met. She comes to us from Slate, where she wrote about politics and culture. She also once wrote a manifesto against em-dashes, but — fresh start! — plans to use them only occasionally here. Feel free to call her a hypocrite in the comments every time!

Please, everyone, give a warm welcome to Intel Noreen.