New York Gets In Bed With Gay Marriage, Celebrates Accordingly


I Do. I Do. I Do.” went the chants outside the Stonewall Inn last night as people celebrated the news that gay people can now get married in New York. In the West Village, the Times says, nearly a thousand people celebrated, some “with champagne in plastic flutes.”

A different video from the Daily News (which, unlike the Post, led with the gay-marriage story on its cover) zooms out a bit and shows a scene filled with fire dancers, drag queens, and a couple who have been together for 42 years:

The amateurs just held their phones up and scanned the crowd, recording the kind of ambling, deliriously content singing we usually only hear after a sports championship:

And even the Empire State Building got into the action. Less than an hour after the bill passed, the building switched the colors of its flood lights to a full rainbow. But as The Atlantic reports, it couldn’t have done it without the Grateful Dead. The building first went rainbow seven months ago when Furthur, a band composed of original Dead band members, was playing Madison Square Garden.