New Yorkers Stand by Their Weiner


Things haven’t gotten any easier for Anthony Weiner since his mea culpa on Monday afternoon. Though he’s “spent much of the past 24 hours apologizing over and over to stunned Congressional colleagues and Democratic leaders,” according to the Times, the calls for him to step down are intensifying. Leading the way yesterday were the House majority leader, Eric Cantor, and former DNC chairman and current Virginia Senate candidate Tim Kaine. Nancy Pelosi is said to be “particularly upset” with Weiner because she was given only fifteen minutes’ notice of his truth-telling press conference.

And yet Weiner is holding his ground, reiterating to reporters camped outside his home yesterday that he’s not going anywhere. After all, that may be what the people want. A NY1-Marist poll of 500 adults in New York City found that only 30 percent believe he should resign, while 51 percent want him to stay in office. However, the poll was conducted on Monday night, just hours after Weiner’s admission. Give the scandal’s increasingly raunchy details time to seep into the public’s consciousness, and they might become less forgiving.

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