Now the Republicans Have a Twitter Scandal, Too


Enough about Weinergate, already. What about Ohio State House Speaker William G. Batchelder’s Twitter problems? Republican Batchelder claims his Twitter account was breached and a hacker began sending out tweets that made it appear that he was supporting liberal causes. Batchelder, who is on the cutting edge of technology, said he wasn’t even aware he had a Twitter account. “Why do I have a device like that? I can’t play it,” he said. Progressive Ohio groups had a feeling something was wrong when typically conservative Batchelder began lauding their causes. On Tuesday, ProgressOhio tweeted: “Wow!! Suddenly Bill Batchelder supports” and went on to list several causes Batchelder’s tweets purported to support. Batchelder, who apparently refers to the laptops on his colleague’s desks as “little televisions,” promised “Well, I won’t do any more of this … Twittering?” Yes, that’s what it’s called.

Twitter doesn’t speak for Ohio House speaker [Columbus-Dispatch]