On His Plane Ride to Boston, Whitey Bulger Sang for the Feds


Accused crime boss James “Whitey” Bulger sat with federal agents on Monday during the plane ride from Santa Monica, where he was arrested after sixteen years on the lam, to Boston, where he faces trial for charges in connection to serial killing. Prior to the flight, Bulger was given the right to remain silent, but, c'mon, it's six hours. Waiving his Miranda rights, Bulger spent the plane ride singing for the feds:

He acknowledged visiting Las Vegas on numerous occasions to play the slots and claimed he won more than he lost. Bulger also admitted crossing into Tijuana to purchase medicine ... and Bulger admitted to traveling (in disguise) to Boston on several occasions while "armed to the teeth," because he "had to take care of some unfinished business.”

He did shut up at one point, though: "He did not identify anyone who might be currently hiding his assets.”

Feds: Whitey Bulger visited Boston ‘armed to the teeth’ [Boston Herald]