Paul Begala to Join Newsweek


Political commentator and Democratic strategist Paul Begala has joined Newsweek and Daily Beast as a columnist. He’s another in a long string of big names that editor Tina Brown has lined up for her ongoing revamp of the newsweekly and its symbiotic website partner. “Under Tina’s direction Newsweek and The Daily Beast have consistently outstanding political coverage and commentary, both in print and online,” Begala said in a statement. “As we hurtle toward the 2012 elections I am pleased to be joining their stable of writers. I will do my best to inform, agitate, and analyze.” Agitate!

The magazine has been picking up speed lately, with ad pages hitting 32 a couple of weeks ago (the most in a year), and subscriptions from blow-in and bind-in cards up 25 percent since the merger with the Beast. We also hear the staff will be getting some more welcome news: After half a year in the generally loathed 7 Hanover Square, the company will move to owner Barry Diller’s ultramodern IAC building in early July. This will be a return for most of the staff at the Daily Beast and a new bonus for Newsweek workers.