Rudy Giuliani Could Run on Electability


While Bill Kristol claims that Rudy Giuliani has already decided to run for president, one of Giuliani’s longtime advisers, Jake Menges, tells Politico that America’s Mayor is “waiting for the field to settle” and is still looking to make a decision by the end of summer. Maybe Giuliani is also keeping an eye on the polls, in which his name is increasingly being included. If so, there have been some positive developments lately. A Fox News poll yesterday showed him in second place behind Mitt Romney. More significantly, in head-to-head matchups, Giuliani loses to President Obama by just four points, which is better than any other Republican candidate, including Romney. His strength comes from his twelve-point lead over Obama among independents. Sure, Giuliani still has the same liabilities as he did in 2008 — support for abortion rights being the most glaring — but if the GOP wants to nominate someone who can beat Obama, they could do a lot worse than Giuliani.

Obama Approval Drops, Romney Tops GOP Preference [Fox News]