Property-Tax-Cap and Rent-Regulation Bill Being Printed, Republicans ‘Just Getting to’ Marriage-Equality Discussions


The GOP Senate conference has been meeting for hours since this morning trying to resolve the final issues before them. According to an Assembly member, the omnibus bill that covers the rent-regulation renewal and property-tax cap (it’s called the Affordable Housing Act) is being printed and may be ready for voting by two this afternoon. A senator tells the News’ Ken Lovett that the Republicans in the Senate are just now getting to discussing the subject of marriage equality, the last item on their list. (Mysteriously, staffers were kicked out of that meeting two hours ago.) Meanwhile, fence-sitting senator Andrew Lanza was seen quietly exiting Governor Cuomo’s office just recently. Not so quiet are the continued protests from both sides of the marriage-equality issue, apparently. There’s still much singing and shouting, although protesters have been blocked from occupying the Senate lobby.