Remember Those 4,100 Teachers Who Were Going to Be Laid Off?


For months, Mayor Bloomberg tried to explain the severity of the city’s budget deficit by saying it would force him to lay off 4,100 teachers. The talking point was one part truth and 99 parts political posturing, an attempt to get the upper hand on a teacher’s union Bloomberg thinks stands in the way of innovation and fiscal stability. But this kind of thing happens every year during a recession, and people who have watched their share of budget battles knew all along that the teachers wouldn’t be laid off. And right on cue, yesterday we found out the teachers wouldn’t be laid off. Bloomberg, the City Council, and the teacher’s union all came to an agreement last night that will save the city tens of millions of dollars, if not more, and cost the union a little bit of ground. Your teacher friends may now lie on the beach without worry, but academic-year PTSD, all summer long. [NYDN]