Rikers to Female Visitors: Stop Being So Slutty


There have long been dress-code regulations for visitors at the prison on Riker’s Island, for obvious reasons. Baggy clothing could hide weapons or other contraband, and gang colors could incite violence. Even overly sexual attire has been banned, like “tops, including dresses, which expose the chest, stomach or back,” “shorts, skirts or dresses the hem of which is more than three inches above the knee,” “see-through garments,” and “swimming attire.” (Guess that rules out that method of getting to the island.) But since the sexy-dress problem has gotten so extreme, the News reports that prison officials have taken to forcing women to wear bulky, smock-like T-shirts to cover themselves. “I have to wear what?” asked one incredulous woman “who wore a short skirt with spandex leggings to visit her beau,” according to the tabloid. “You’re just trying to make me look bad in front of my man … Why’d I even bother?”

Women who are angered at the new XXL T-shirts might want to remember: Riker’s might just be doing this out of love!

Rikers Island visitors in clothes that are too hot to handle asked to wear neon smocks instead [NYDN]