Sarah Palin’s Former Ally Begs Her Not to Run


Radio host and documentarian John Ziegler has made a movie about the media's crush on Barack Obama and crusade against Sarah Palin. He's done countless cable interviews in the role of Sarah Palin's defender. He even organized a protest against David Letterman after the late-night host made a bad joke about Palin's daughter. At one time, he would have counted himself as a friend of Palin's. But he gradually lost faith in her over a series of personal slights and frustrating organizational snafus and is now basically begging her not to run for president:

Quite simply, the evidence is overwhelming that Palin would get crushed by Obama in such a resounding fashion that it may even threaten the Republican hold on the House and the party’s presumed taking of the Senate ... If Sarah Palin still is the person I thought I knew, then she will do what is best for her cause and country by sitting this one out.

To Ziegler's dismay, however, he doesn't think she will.

In early May, I got the random call from Todd, apparently sounding me out about working on a potential campaign for Sarah (though I rarely knew for sure why Todd was really calling). By then, I’d already become convinced that she was actually going to run in 2012, so the conversation simply removed most of the remaining doubt.

Ziegler now appears set to unleash "explosive revelations" about Palin, but coming on the heels of Frank Bailey's book and last week's underwhelming Palin e-mail trove, we highly doubt he can come up with anything worth caring about.

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