Sarah Palin Was Supposed to Be Delighting Us All With Another Bus Tour by Now


According to a tentative schedule drawn up by her aides, Sarah Palin should have been cruising the Midwest or the Southeast in her bus by now, stopping at historical sites and regaling the media with inaccurate accounts of the history she learned there. And yet Palin is back in Alaska, doing whatever it is she does there, out of the spotlight. Does this unexplained disappearance indicate that she’s not running for president, or that she is? Usually it would be the former, but Palin’s mind is beyond the limits of human comprehension. For now, we’re like islanders anticipating the arrival of a Category 5 hurricane. The storm could land a direct blow and consume everything in its path, or it could change course and miss us entirely. All we can do is wait.

Palin Bus Tour Takes Extended Pit Stop [RCP]