Sean Parker Hates That You Think He Is a Billionaire With a Fabulous House, Hot Girlfriend, and Amazing Parties


Napster founder and Facebook billionaire Sean Parker has a problem. He complains to “Page Six” this week that, well, everybody thinks he is just too cool and fun! And it’s partially the fault of the movie The Social Network, which made him out to be a totally awesome,* balls-out party boy. “There’s a certain pressure from the press and even from the people I meet to live up to that reputation that’s been created by the film,” he gripes. “Even if I set out to throw a really small party, there’s expectations about what it’s going to be like. People assume it’s going to be a wild, crazy thing.”

It’s too bad about that Social Network movie. Otherwise Parker could live a life of peace, quiet, and parties with passed quiches. It’s not like he bought a $20 million townhouse famous for its parties and named after the Roman god of intoxication or anything.

Facebook king feels ‘stigma’ [NYP]
*Wait, are we remembering this wrong?