Jim DeMint Is the Latest Person Supposedly Thinking About Maybe Running for President


Like the Groupon for a bikini wax that, for unexplained reasons, graces our in-box every morning, each day inevitably brings with it news of another Republican thinking, considering, or praying about whether to run for president. Today that person is Jim DeMint, the senator and tea party leader from South Carolina who had previously announced that he wouldn’t run, but now appears to be reconsidering. The Hill reports:

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) says he is considering running for president after frustrated conservative activists have pleaded with him to run.

How seriously should we be taking this potential change of heart? Apparently not that seriously!

DeMint insists he has no plans to run. But he won’t dismiss the growing calls for him to enter the contest.

DeMint sounds like he’s just humoring his friends by pretending to think this through, like people who RSVP “maybe” to an event invitation on Facebook even though they’re 98 percent sure they’re not going to show up.

DeMint mulls White House bid [Hill]