Still No Votes on Marriage Equality or Rent-Regulation and Property-Tax-Cap Omnibus Bill in Albany


Vitriolic protests for and against Governor Cuomo’s Marriage Equality Act have continued up in Albany today, with no sign of cooling down and no decision yet on whether there will be a vote. But the heretofore elusive “chapter amendments” that would grant more GOP-friendly religious exemptions have surfaced, and at last Democratic Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver says he’s seen them and agreed with the contents. He has told reporters he could see a vote tonight if Republican Senate Majority Leader Skelos and the governor and the GOP conference agree on them, but multiple senators have told the News they don’t predict such a vote this evening. The omnibus bill regarding rent regulation and a property-tax cap have also yet to be printed and go to the floor. Silver said earlier he’d hoped to end the legislative session today, but the chances of that are looking slimmer and slimmer.

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