Terrible Would-be Thieves Chop Down Tree to Get at Cheap Bike


Normally we don’t post crime videos, even if they take place in the city, because they can be pretty gruesome and upsetting. But since no person is getting hurt in this fast-forwarded clip of a bizarre evening in Kensington, Brooklyn, here it is. Watch as a would-be thief repeatedly goes at a (relatively large) tree with an ax. He’s stopped again and again by a group of young men who happen to be hanging out nearby. When the tree itself falls, the crook gets spooked and flees, not even taking the department-store bike. (Gothamist has more background about the tree itself.) As we said, no people are harmed and the video is not gruesome — but it certainly is upsetting.

Video: Thieves Axe Tree To Steal Cheap Brooklyn Bike [Gothamist]