Terrifying Turtle Stampede Delays Flights at JFK


It was almost two years ago this week that the turtles last turned against us, throwing their bodies kamikaze-style in front of landing and departing planes at JFK airport. Then there was silence, signaling perhaps that the short-lived alliance between the reptiles and the birds (our natural enemies) had soured. But in the midst of our renewed attacks on the geese population around JFK, it appears that age-old, suspicion-fraught alliances have renewed and the turtles are one again marching, Ent-like, to war. A squad of diamondback terrapins has been delaying flights all week now. The Post claims the turtles are really there to have sex in a sandy embankment near one of the runways, but look at that terrifying creature! LOOK AT ITS FACE. Is that the face of a lover? No, that is the face of a warrior.

Turtles on JFK runway cause flight delays [NYP]