The 2012 GOP Presidential Candidates Are Pretty Much the Same Person


Are you a Republican governor or ex-governor of a large state wondering if it’s time to announce you’re running for president? Maybe you’re having trouble finding the right words to describe to the American people that you’re up to the challenge? Before you put pen to paper, let us offer up our notes on the five simple ingredients for a stellar campaign announcement. It’s so simple! First, talk about your mom and dad. Next, mention you once worked a “real job.” Throw in some stuff about how a gallon of gas used to cost a quarter, and boom! You’ve got yourself a campaign announcement! Whether you plan to rally a crowd in front of a national monument or just sit there surrounded by your own personal angelic glow, your announcement will be sure to keep you coloring inside the lines along with the rest of your party. Check out our video for the complete five-step process.