Now the Dems Want Weiner Out, Too


House Democrats have begun a concerted effort to push embattled Anthony Weiner out of office. Earlier today, former DNC chair Tim Kaine called for Weiner’s resignation, and then Pennsylvania representative Allyson Y. Schwartz quickly released a statement. Her voice is significant because she’s in charge of recruiting candidates to run in 2012. “Having the respect of your constituents is fundamental for a member of Congress,” she said in a statement. “In light of Anthony Weiner’s offensive behavior online, he should resign.” More Dems soon followed suit, including Representative Mike Ross of Arkansas, Michael H. Michaud of Maine, Niki Tsongas of Massachusetts, Larry Kissell of North Carolina, and Joe Donnelly of Indiana. “I’m very disappointed in his actions,” said Ross. “I think he should resign immediately, and I think all the appropriate authorities should investigate this matter.” But oh, Weiner’s holding strong. After all, at least the voters still want him.

House Democrats Step Up Calls For Weiner to Quit [NYT]