Lisa Maria Falcone Is Not Looking for Your Attention


Despite what you may have heard, the wife of the billionaire hedge-funder Philip Falcone doesn't go out of her way to seek the spotlight, she tells Bethany McLean in the current issue of Vanity Fair. The reason she "drops her daughters off at school wearing billions of dollars worth of clothes," as one neighbor puts it, and partakes in looks such as the Slutty Keebler Elf, Flamenco Stripper, and the Cowgirl Ice Skater [above from left to right] when she goes out on the town is that she's a free spirit as well as a patron of the arts whose financial support gives a platform to those designers whose work most find fearfully repellent. "I like one of a kind pieces, the ones that stores are scared to buy because nobody's going to buy them," she tells the magazine. She's just being herself, which is, she reiterates, what she is best at. "I am great at one thing, and one thing only," she says. "I hate to say it, but that's being myself. And that's what people don't like about me." Could she leverage her talents? Yes. But she is, unfortunately for us all, perfectly content with the way things are.

"If I wanted fame, I'd have my own reality show. They hate me enough already."

Should she decide to test her theory, however, we'd be all eyes.

Philip Falcone Admits His Mistakes, Lisa Maria Falcone Wants an Etiquette Book to Prevent Her Own [VF]
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