Commercial Airlines Are Probably Selling a Lot of Last-Minute, First-Class Tickets for This Weekend


First, before you get too far into this Wall Street Journal report on private use of corporate jets, the paper wants you to know that they are totally okay with corporate jets. The planes are “vital business tools,” in fact. They are also cool with occasional personal use of said corporate jets, which can be “an important part of a compensation package for a top executive.” What’s less cool is when executives feel like they have to pretend pleasure trips are for business, which happens … a lot. And so, as much as it might pain them to do so, for the good of the shareholders, the Journal FOIA’ed the records of all private air travel in the U.S from 2007 to 2010. They’ve published a detailed rundown of the most egregious executive offenders taking the company jet to the Caribbean or Martha’s Vineyard for the weekend, breakdowns of how much said trips might have cost, and a database searchable by company, date, and destination. Don’t break their trust again, guys. [WSJ]