Those Lovebirds From the Vancouver Riots Have Hired a Celebrity Agent


Remember Alexandra Thomas and Scott Jones, the Canadian and Australian who were caught kissing in the middle of the Vancouver riots? They sure hope you do, even though it's been almost a whole week since they were unmasked, which is like years in Internet time. The couple has hired "leading Australian celebrity agent" Max Markson to handle the stream of interview requests and job offers they hope will come streaming in. (Jones, conveniently, happens to be an aspiring stand-up comic/actor.)

The agent said that he would "love to get them on 'Jay Leno' or 'Ellen' " and confirmed that he arranged for them to attend a lunch with former British prime minister Tony Blair in Australia at the end of July.

Wait, shouldn't it be the tête-à-tête with a high-profile statesman and not the talk shows that represents the pie-in-the-sky reach for this pair? Excessive interest in minor human-interest stories, ready availability for any kind of social invitation ... Tony Blair really is retired.

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