The Riot Kissers: An Australian Bartender/Comedian and His Injured Girlfriend

VANCOUVER, BC - JUNE 15: Riot police walk in the street as a couple kiss on June 15, 2011 in Vancouver, Canada. Vancouver broke out in riots after their hockey team the Vancouver Canucks lost in Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Finals. (Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images) Photo: Rich Lam/2011 Getty Images

The world's greatest mystery of the last twenty hours or so has finally been solved. The couple photographed kissing in the streets of Vancouver on Wednesday night, while riot police charged at a crowd of hockey hooligans, has been identified as Australian bartender/stand-up comedian Scott Jones and his Canadian girlfriend, Alex Thomas. Back in Australia, Jones's dad explains what happened to the CBC:

"They were between the riot police and the rioters, and the riot police were actually charging forward, and Alex got knocked by a [police] shield and fell to the ground," he told CBC News. "[Scott] was comforting her and gave her a kiss to say, 'It’s going to be OK,' and the photographer just took the shot at that moment."

Scott's mom says that this whole thing is so Scott:

"It is something he would do, that's our boy. He has always lived in his own world, he's special like that. He doesn’t always connect with what [is] going on around him."

Also, she was able to recognize him in the photo because he barely changes his clothes:

"I knew it was him because he doesn't have a lot of clothes with him and he always puts on the same thing."

A real lady-killer, this one.

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