Your American Dream Has Been Canceled Due to a Computer Glitch


Computer mishaps can be annoying. When you've got 24 tabs open that you need for work and your browser just shuts down without saving it ... ugh, it's just the WORST, right? Or then there's this little glitch:

After the State Department posted notices in the first days of May advising more than 22,000 foreigners worldwide that they had won the chance to become permanent residents of the United States, the department posted another notice on May 13 canceling the lottery results and voiding the winners, citing a “computer programming problem.”

Now Ms. Guniya, 23, a Russian citizen, sits at her computer in Moscow at all hours running a Facebook page called 22 Thousand Tears, where thousands of people are communing about their hopes, suddenly raised and just as suddenly dashed.

Okay, no, that one is the worst.

State Department Error Dashes Hopes of Thousands Seeking to Live in U.S. [NYT]