Anderson Cooper Is Dirty and Shirtless


Earlier this week, Anderson Cooper tweeted this photo of himself, with the message: “If you’re a world traveler the picture I just tweeted out should be enough of a clue for my exact location.” Thus began a game: “Not a spa. I don’t like spas,” Cooper revealed. “Not the Dead Sea, nowhere near it,” he later added. At long last, while we waited with bated breath, he revealed himself to be vacationing at the Volcan de Totumo, a mud volcano near Cartagena, Colombia. “You go to the top of the volcano and go into the warm mud,” he said. “It’s really weird but fun.” So now you know. But more to the point: Anderson Cooper tweeted a photo of his naked self caked in mud. We have no other words. [AndersonCooper/Twitter via NYDN]