Anderson Cooper Rides His Bike Without a Helmet


If you’ve ever seen Anderson Cooper biking around town — and if you live downtown you may have (he’s like Michael Musto with that thing) — you probably aren’t surprised to hear that he does it without wearing a helmet. That’s not that uncommon, although I might argue that if he wanted fewer people to recognize him, covering up that silver shock of hair might help. But now the CNN host has immortalized this habit in a commercial for his upcoming talk show, Anderson. “I ride my bike all around the city,” he says as he whizzes ahead of cars. “It’s definitely a little dangerous sometimes, but it’s the best way to beat the traffic.” (There’s at least one way to make it less dangerous, dude.)

We get it. Riding a bike is pretty much the best excuse to flex one’s biceps ever so slightly for the camera, and Anderson doesn’t get to do that nearly enough on CNN. We look forward to more bike-riding segments when the show debuts, as well as ones featuring arm wrestling, the lifting of heavy items, and pointing out which way to the beach.