Anderson Cooper Wants to Be the Next Phil Donahue


As Anderson Cooper's talk show, Anderson, gets closer to premiering on your mom's TV this September, we're all still learning what the hell it's going to be about. The Post hears from a "high-ranking show executive" that it's going to be a lot like The Phil Donahue Show. So they called up the white fox himself and asked him what he thought about the silver fox following in his footsteps. He was discouraged:

"You can't say 'Ain't it awful' five days a week, and you can't do inside baseball politics five days a week," he told The Post yesterday.

Times have changed too much, he says.

"You have to understand that Lady Gaga is going to draw a larger crowd than the settlements in East Jerusalem."

Donahue wasn't all Eeyore, though, telling the Post Cooper can succeed if the daytime audience appreciates "the multiple issues and people that are featured in his program." As long as NeNe Leakes is one of those people, it's a safe bet that success is in Anderson's future.

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