At Least Two People Want to Be New York’s Congressperson for Fifteen Months [Updated]


Even though it looks highly likely that the New York congressional seat abandoned by Anthony Weiner will only exist for about fifteen months before it’s redistricted away, the Post reports that two state legislators are already getting in line for the spot. State assemblymen David Weprin and Rory Lancman, both Democrats, are said to be the top contenders in the minds of leaders of the Queens Democratic machine. Since the borough’s party boss, Joe Crowley, is set upon eliminating the seat in order to shore up his own when the district lines are redrawn in 2012, it’s not a permanent spot in Congress the two seek. Instead, the tabloid reports say they’re hoping the brief stint on the national stage could better set them up for a citywide run.

Hey, Eliot Spitzer. We hear you’ve been thinking of running for mayor, and you’ve got some free time on your hands. How does Congress sound?

Update: Weprin it is, according to Democratic officials.

Weiner House seat will be a ‘hot’ one [NYP]