Bancroft Family: We Would Never Have Sold Murdoch The Wall Street Journal If We’d Known His Tabloids Were So Shady


Three members of the Bancroft family, which controlled The Wall Street Journal before selling it to Rupert Murdoch in 2007, now say they wouldn’t have done it if they’d know that Murdoch’s British papers were engaged in paying off police and hacking into private phones. “If I had known what I know now, I would have pushed harder against” the deal, Christopher Bancroft told ProPublica, in a report that was published by the Guardian (Boy they are having fun with this scandal, aren’t they?) “I probably would have held out.” Of course, the Bancroft family has been at this for years, pretending to be shocked at Rupert Murdoch’s behavior, when his track record was pretty plain to see back in 2007. In fact, the first of the phone-hacking allegations at the News of the World had been out for half a year before the deal even went through. But let’s be fair: It’s hard to see anything, especially across the pond, when you’ve got 5.6 billion pieces of green paper flying in your face.

Bancroft Family Members Express Regrets at Selling Wall Street Journal to Murdoch [ProPublica]