Barbara Walters to Bristol Palin: Let’s Talk About Sex!


Bristol Palin stopped by The View today to plug her mom’s documentary, er, her own memoir. We can’t keep track. Anyway, this of course meant we’d all get to enjoy a few awkward minutes of Barbara Walters talking about sex. And she delivered. When Babs prodded Bristol about why she wrote in her book that Levi “stole” her virginity, Bristol brushed it off, saying she was just making an analogy to losing her virginity. “That’s why it’s called losing your virginity,” Bristol said. Oops! Where’d it go? Barbara dutifully pointed out that Bristol continued to have sex with Levi Johnston, even after the pseudo-date-rape scenario. Bristol has since changed her tune and is now an abstinence advocate and told Barbara she’s going to hold off on doin’ it again until she’s married … even if that doesn’t happen until she’s 30. Sure.