The Hackers May Have Been Living Among Us


FBI agents may have been looking for a hipster hacker at large when they raided the homes of suspected "Anonymous" computer criminals earlier this week. We suspected that the agents were only busting down the doors of suburban 19-year-olds, but at least one of the hackers may have once lived in our very own backyard, at Brooklyn's notoriously artsy McKibbin Lofts. Via Brooklyn Paper:

The targets of the FBI raid [at McKibbin] had already flown the coop. “They were looking for the old tenants,” said Meaghan Ralph, 21, who had only gotten three hours of sleep when a half-dozen armed agents pounded her door. “They realized I wasn’t a criminal mastermind. They joked that they were going to get a contact high, and said we had a really cool apartment and that they would want to live there if they were 22 or 23.”

Careful, guys. That haze of marijuana smoke and twentysomething malaise is how they pull you in, before running off with their hacky MacBooks. And your pants.

FBI storms into McKibbin Lofts looking for hackers [Brooklyn Paper via Gawker]