Bronx School Not Concerned About White Supremacist Principal


Reverend Eric Rapaglia, pastor of Bronx primary school Our Lady of Mount Carmel, doesn’t know why everyone’s making such a fuss about Frank Borzellieri, the school principal who also happens to be a white supremacist. “Do I agree with all of it? No,” he said as he took off one of his shoes and held it in the air. “But I think much of it is valuable and logical and reasonable.” And, drop.

The pastor had a lot more to say about Borzellieri, who’s a frequent contributor to the white supremacist journal American Renaissance (publish or perish!). “A lot of his ideas would actually benefit minorities.” Hmmm. Here are some of those ideas: the rising minority population will lead to a New Dark Age for America; “diversity is a weakness”; and that Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. biographies should be banned from school libraries on account of being too anti-American. Mount Carmel has 200 students, the majority of whom are black and Latino.

White Supremacist Principal Running Bronx School With Majority Black and Latino Students [NYDN]