Cathie Black Wasn’t Drunk When She Drove Her SUV Into Tree After Tree in the Hamptons


Now, the Post isn’t trying to tell you that former Hearst Magazines chairman and short-lived schools chancellor Cathie Black was drunk when she ran her car into a series of trees in the Hamptons a week ago. That could get them in trouble! It was just that the party she was leaving was “a boozy Bastille Day bash” that was “complete with a fully stocked bar,” that’s all. And Black was “seen enjoying alcoholic beverages.” Those are just unrelated details, to flesh out the story! Her personal publicist swears she wasn’t tipsy. See, this is all that actually happened.

Cathie’s taking the season off to have fun. “I’m not dealing with any [job stuff] in the summer!” she told the Observer on Monday. “I’m going to enjoy my summer and think about my next-next.” Sounds like a good plan — except when you’re backing out of a driveway. Then it’s pretty important to think about what’s directly behind you.

Cathie Black smashes car into trees after Hamptons bash [NYP]